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Protect Your Wood Shingles From Various Damages

Wood is used as roofing material from many years because it is considered a good insulator as well as natural product for giving a traditional look to your property. But, it also requires great deal of maintenance and care so that its overall look is maintained. Timber roof shingles are highly used for adding some value to your property.

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When you need to maintain the wood shingles?

Vegetation removal – some spores can move through air on your wood shingles that grow as plants on your roof top. Tree debris is also responsible of shingle damage so you should clean the shingles after certain time intervals. You should also remove the overhanging vegetation for removing the chances of fire and damage of roofing and shingles.

Clogged gutters – choked gutter also causes damage to your roofing shingles. Basically, gutter is used to ensure the free flow of water from the roofing system of the house. If it is choked then it starts to damage the roofing and causes a high level of leakage. Thus, for preventing chances of leakage you should clean the gutters on a regular basis.

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Fungal attack – various organisms affect the wood and fungus is one of them. Spores of fungi move through the air and settle on the wood surface, they are known to thrive during rainy season. Thus, one should also use excellent wood polish to protect the wood slates from excessive moisture. Fungi can degrade the wood if you do not use protective methods to remove it during the early stage. On the contrary, some woods are also resistive to fungal attack so you can also use that wood for shingle manufacturing.

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