Month: July 2020

Get Your Bathroom Organized

Does your bathroom look small? Most probably it is not well organized then. You can make your bathroom look spacious with some modern tools available in the market in Stoke on Trent and enjoy bathing there. Well organized bathrooms look clean and tidy too. You can visit bathroom showrooms from Stoke on Trent to buy some special accessories for it.

How to make bathroom more spacious?

Replacing the cabinetry of your bathroom with baskets and storage containers can not only give your bathroom a fresh look but you can also enjoy much space in it. You must try to use every inch of your bathroom’s walls as good as you can. You can add extra rods and racks to enlarge the storage in your bathroom. You can also get hangers installed on the back of the door. You can use some extra glass jars, hanging basket and more. There are some useful tools mentioned below that you can buy from bathroom showroom.


Publicado por Princess Design en Sábado, 23 de mayo de 2020

Bring a lazy Susan in your bathroom: Instead of using cabinet, you can keep lazy Susan on the countertop of your bathroom. It is basically a rotating tray or trays on which you can keep small items and bottles easily like shampoo, lotions, conditioners, and more.

Get a tool holder installed in your cabinet: You might be keeping your curly irons, hair drier and other products inside the cabinet that occupies much space. You can get one or two tool holders installed in it which you can use to hang such stuff so there could be more space for keeping other things in the cabinet.